Pain Management Maple Grove & Woodbury MN

Pain Management Maple Grove MNNarcotic and Non-Narcotic Medication Management with Board Certified Pain Management Doctors Minnesota Trusts

The top pain management doctors in Minnesota provide pain medication Pain medication management Fresnomanagement for those in need. The narcotic medication management is provided on an individualized basis in conjunction with other indicated treatments. Since pain patients are unique, there is not a “one sized fits all” approach.

Northstar Pain Care develops trust with each patient and expects each individual to be an active participant in the pain management treatment.

This includes:

  • Self-treatment is not allowed. If a dose of medication is not working, please schedule an appointment to talk about a medication or dose change.
  • All medications must be prescribed by Northstar Pain Care. This is crucial.
  • There must be no illicit drug usage.
  • Random drug screens are included as part of each chronic pain management program.
  • The drugs prescribed cannot be shared with anyone.

Medication Management in Las VegasPain management doctors in the Tiwn Cities use opioids to decrease pain humanely when indicated. The objective is to safely and responsibly  prescribe to reduce pain and get individuals back to work, enjoying life and playing with their kids and pets!

Interventional Northstar Pain Care Treatments

Here are several minimally invasive treatments offered:
  • Trigger Point Injections
  • Botox Injections for Migraine Headaches
  • Myofascial Release Therapy

Let Northstar Pain Care’s Board Certified Doctors help provide pain relief with excellent success rates.

Simply fill out the contact form on the page or call (763) 220-8222 for assistance!